Oak’s Mary – Tamarindo
Obituary – Frozen in time
Obliterate – Tangled ways
Occult – Elegy for the weak
Octavia Sperati – Winter enclosure
Odal – Einst verehrt von allen
Odious Mortem – Devouring the prophecy
Odyssea – Tears in floods
Officium Triste – Reason
Ohm – Live on KPFK
Ohm – Ohm
Of infinity – The essence of infinity
Olc Sinnsir – The throne of dead emotions
Old man’s child – In defiance of existence
Ominous – Void of infinity
Omnium gatherum – Spirits and august light
One minute silence – One lie fits all
On trial – Parchment Farm
Open hand – You and me
Opera IX – Anphisbena
Opera IX – Maleventum
Opeth – Blackwater park
Opeth – Damnation
Opeth – Deliverance
Opeth – Ghost reveries
Orange Goblin – Coup de Grace
Origin – Echoes of decimation
Origin – Informis, Infinitas, Inhumanitas
Orodruin – Epicurean mass
Orphanage – Driven
Orphaned land – Mabool
Orquesta del desierto – Dos
OSI – Office of strategic influence
Ostara – Ultima Thule
Ouija – Riding into the funeral paths
Outland – Different worlds
Outland – Long way home
Over the edge – Over the edge
Overkill – Hello from the gutter
Overkill – Killbox 13
Overkill – RelixIV
Overkill – Wrecking everything
Overlord’s perpetual – Overlord’s perpetual
Overlorde – Return of the snow giant
Oxidised razor – Carne… sangre
Ozzy – Down To Earth
Pagan’s mind – Infinity divine
Paganizer – Murder Death Kill
Paganini – Resurrection
Paganizer – No divine rapture
Pain – Nothing remains the same
Pain of salvation – 12:5
Pain of salvation – Be
Pain Of Salvation – Remedy Lane
Panik – A page torn…
Pale Divine – Thunder Perfect Mind
Pallas – The dreams of men
Papa wheelie – Live licantrophy
Paradise lost – Paradise lost
Paradise lost – Symbol of life
Paragon – Law of the blade
Paragon – Revenge
Paragon – The dark legacy
Passenger – Passenger
Pat MacDonald – Strange love
Paths of possession – Promises in blood
Paul Chain – Unreleased vol. 1
Pearl Jam – Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam – Riot Act
Pegazus – The headless horseman
Penance – The road revisited
Penitent – Deserted dreams
Penetrator – Unleash the fury
Pentacrostic – Moments of the afflictions
Pentagram – A keg full of dynamite
Pentagram – Show ‘em how
Pentagram – Sub basement
Pentagram – Turn to stone
Penetrator – Penetrator
Penumbra – Seclusion
Perfect world – Perfect world
Perished – Seid
Perpetual dreams – Eyes of infinite
Peo – Look what I’ve started
Phantom Lords – Temple of Meta
Phazm – Hate at first seed
Phenomena – Psychofantasy
Philip Bardowell – In the cut
Picatrix – Quaestio Prima
Pig destroyer – Terrifyer
Pigsty – Pigs are back
Pink cream 69 – Thunderdome
Pissing razors – Evolution
Pitchshifter – P.S.I.
Plan E – Bassonova
Planet X – Live from Oz
Planet X – Moonbabies
Platitude – Nine
Platitude – Secrets of life
Platitude – Silence speaks
Pleasure and pain – Exit gate
Plunge – Hometown hero
Poison – Hollyweird
Poisonblack – Excapecstasy
Poema Arcanus – Iconoclast
Porcupine tree – In Absentia
Poverty’s no crime – The chemical chaos
Powergod – Nemesis (Evilution part III)
Power quest – Neverworld
Pragma – Enpleinair
Praying mantis – The best of Praying mantis
Praying Mantis – The journey goes on
Pride of lions – Pride of lions
Pride of lions – The destiny stone
Primal fear – Black sun
Primal fear – Devil’s ground
Primordial – Storm before calm
Praying mantis – The best of Praying mantis
Predator – Predator
Presto ballet – Peace among the ruins
Prey – The hunter
Probot – Probot
Project failing flesh – A beautiful sickness
Promised lie – Episode two – Danger zone
Prophetic age – Forged in the blackest of metals
Pro-Pain – Fistful of hate
Pro-pain – Shreds of dignity
Prostitute disfigurement – Deeds of derangement
Prostitute disfigurement – Left in grisly fashion
Protest – Have a rest, please
Proto-Kaw – Before became after
Proto-Kaw – The wait of glory
Psychotogen – The calculus of Evil
Psycroptic – The scepter of the ancients
Puddle of mudd – Come clean
Pungent stench – Ampeauty
Pungent stench – Masters of moral,servant in sin
Pulse – Worlds apart
Puny Human – It’s not the heat, it’s the humanity
Putrid pile – Collection of butchery
Queensryche – Live Evolution
Queensryche – Operation Mindcrime II
Queensryche – The art of live
Queensryche – Tribe
Queens of the stone age – Lullabies to paralyze
Queens of the stone age – Songs for the deaf
Rage – Speak of the dead
Rage – Soundchaser
Rage – Unity
Rain – Bigditch 4707
Rain – Headshaker
Rain paint – Nihil Nisi Mors
Rainnoise – Rainnoise
Raintime – Tales from sadness
Raise Hell – City of the damned
Raise Hell – Wicked is my game
Rage – From the cradle to the stage
Raging speedhorn – How the great have fallen
Raging speedhorn – We will be dead tomorrow
Ragnarok – Blackdoor miracle
Ragnarok – In nomine Satanas
Radioactive – Taken
Radioactive – Yeah
Raising fear – Mythos
Rakoth – Jabberworks
RAM – Sudden impact
Rammstein – Reise, Reise
Rammstein – Rosenrot
Ramos – Living in the light
Rate of depress – Bleach the sky
Ravager – Naxzgul rising
Raventhrone – Endless conflict theorem
Raunchy – Confusion Bay
Raunchy – Velvet noise
RAW – First
Raza de Odio – La nueva alarma
Razorback – Animal anger
Reapers – Metalness
Reckless – Reckless
Red aim – Niagara
Red harvest – Sick transit gloria mundi
Refugee – Affairs in Babylon
Requiem – Mask of damnation
Requiem – Requiem forever
Resuscitator – A warrior’s Death
Resurrecturis – The Cuckoo clocks of Hell
Revenge – Triumph Genocide Antichrist
Reviver – Reviver
Revoltons – Night visions
Rex Inferi – Like a hurricane
Rhapsody – Power of the dragonflame
Rhapsody – Rain of a thousand flames
Rhapsody – Symphony of enchanted lands II
Rhapsody – Tales from the emerald sword saga
Rhapsody – The magic of the wizard’s dream
Rhapsody Sweden – Strange vibrations
Ribspreader – Bolted to the cross
Ring of fire – Burning live in Tokyo 2002
Ring of fire – Dreamtower
Ring of fire – Lapse of reality
Riot – Through the storm
Richie Kotzen – Get up
Ritual carnage – I, infidel
Ritual carnage – The birth of tragedy
Ritual day & Frostmoon eclipse – Split cd
Roadrunner united – The all star sessions
Rob Zombie – The sinister urge
Roberto Priori – Avoid Yawed Flight
Rolling Stones – A bigger bang
Room with a view – Collecting shells at lighthouse hill
Room with a view – First Year Departure
Rondinelli – Our cross – Our sins
Ronnie James Dio – Killing the Dragon(“DIO & MANOWAR: storie di titani…”)
Rosae Crucis – Worms of the Earth
Rossomahaar – Quaerite lux in tenebris
Rotten sound – Exit
Rotting Christ – Genesis
Rotting Christ – Sanctus Diavolos
Roxx – Outlaws, fools, & thieves
Royal hunt – Paper blood
RPWL – Stock
RPWL – World through my eyes
Runemagick – Darkness death doom
Running wild – Rogues en vogue
Running wild – The brotherhood
Rush – Feedback
Rush – Vapor trails
Russell Allen – Atomic soul
Ryo Okumoto – Coming Through